5 Reasons Why Analisa.io is Right for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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5 Reasons Why Analysis.io is Right for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons Why Analisa.io is Right for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

In your social media marketing strategy, content is the king. Content can bring in potential customers for your business. Content is also communication between your business and consumers to enhance loyalty. As a result, they will continue to repeat the order.

Have you created content and planning for your social media business accounts or not? If you have, start analyzing these contents!

The goal is to find out whether the content you create is right on target or not. For example, is your content successfully reaching the right audience or not? Has the hashtag you used brought in a relevant audience or not?

Get to Know Analisa.io

The tool you can use to analyze your social media business accounts is Analisa.io. Analisa.io is the TikTok analytics platform!

Analisa.io offers in-depth analysis results. You can analyze:

  • your social media account profiles,
  • your competitors’ social media accounts,
  • social media accounts followers, to
  • hashtags.

You can use Analisa.io for free with limited features. If you need more complete or helpful features, you can subscribe monthly. Analisa.io offers three types of subscription plans, namely

  • Premium,
  • Plus, and
  • Pro

If you want to get discounts and commissions, you can sign up for the Affiliate Program!

Why Should You Use Analisa.io?

More Affordable Prices

You can compare the cost of subscribing to Analisa.io with other platforms. Analisa.io is still much more affordable. You can get a Premium subscription package starting at $59.35. Meanwhile, the cheapest price for other platforms is around $89!

Unlimited Instagram and TikTok Account Analysis

Other analytics platforms limit the number of accounts you can analyze. Other platforms do not provide analytics for TikTok. However, you can analyze both your Instagram and TikTok accounts when using Analisa.io. With a note, as long as the account is public, then you can analyze it.

Over 57 Marketers in the World Use Analisa.io

Big companies use Analisa.io to analyze their social media marketing strategies. Several brands that use Analisa.io, ranging from

  • Tokopedia,
  • Telkom Indonesia,
  • Amazon,
  • Gojek,
  • Allianz,
  • Prudential, to
  • BCG.

Without the Free Trial

You can use the Analisa.io service for free forever. Meanwhile, other analytics platforms usually only offer a free trial of a 30-day. If you are still unsure about subscribing to Analisa.io, you can click on the sample report. Next, you can see the analysis results from Analisa.io on certain social media accounts.

The user friendly

Analisa.io interface is easy for you to use, even for beginners. You can export the analysis results in PDF, CSV, or PNG format. In addition, you can also share it on social media platforms or email.

Analisa.io feature

Instagram Profile Analytics

If you analyze your TikTok account and Instagram, you get two options, namely overview and top post. An overview summarizes media accounts in outline from engagement rate to authenticity of followers.

In the top post, you can see:

  • the most viewed content,
  • content with the engagement highest,
  • content with the likes,
  • content with the comments.

Instagram Hashtag Analytics

Do you want to do a product marketing campaign on Instagram?

Or are you confusing the influencers to campaign for your goods or services?

Well, the solution is to analyze hashtags using Analisa.io. You can see influencers and potential contributors to your marketing campaigns.

You can also see the total reach of followers, posts, and engagement from a hashtag. Well, this will help you choose hashtags for your content. hashtags You can use these markets or content endorsements. 

TikTok Profile Analytics

When you analyze a TikTok account, you will get data, such as

  • the average number of posts per day,
  • the average number of posts a week,
  • the average number of posts per month,
  • time of engagement highest,
  • time to post in several the last month,
  • the average number of daily likes and comments in the last few months,
  • the average number of engagements daily,
  • captions the most used,
  • accounts tagged and hashtags,
  • mentioned.

This information can help you post content at the most effective times. You can also see the most effective posting from competitors’ accounts. Or even on influencers who are campaigning for your brand.

TikTok Hashtag Analytics

Just like Instagram Hashtag Analytics, the TikTok Hashtag Analytics feature allows you to analyze hashtags. This can help you determine which hashtags are most effective. You can also find influencers and contributors to brands. 


Analisa.io is a very useful Instagram and TikTok analysis in today’s era. Why? Because it has complete features and an affordable price. Analisa.io will help you create content more effectively and efficiently. You can plan your social media marketing campaigns more precisely. You can also find influencers and contributors to use for your marketing campaign.

Are you ready to try Analisa.io?